The central locking system opens quickly and synchronously. The seat slides effortlessly into place, and the gearshift engages solidly. For every contact with the vehicle, an automotive industrial lubricant provides that all-important first impression. For comfort and the perfect tactile feel in vehicle interiors, and for top performance and efficiency in engines, shafts and transmissions. For protection and sealing over the entire life cycle. At more than 250 friction points, from the drivetrain to the chassis or the body, automotive industrial lubricants from Klüber Lubrication provide perfect lubrication. Invisible. And indispensable.

Perfectly matched to your application

From engine and chassis, transmission and brakes to doors, window actuators and sunroof: for all components and every application in the automotive industry, we develop the right automotive industrial lubricant for your particular requirements. Jerk-free windscreen wipers, noiseless pedals, convenient seat adjustment, reliable brakes, gentle starting and low fuel consumption: our products are used in more than 250 application areas – always perfectly matched to your requirements and specifications.

The right automotive industrial lubricants for the chassis, body and exterior

Salt and water, dirt, heat and cold: the chassis is exposed to severe environmental conditions. Temperature-resistant speciality lubricants provide reliable weather protection for windscreen wipers, sunroofs and windows over many years, and they ensure easy opening of the convertible soft top when the sun shines.

What matters for lubricants in vehicle interiors

The character of a vehicle is determined by ease of use, tactile impression and odor. Nothing should squeak, jerk or smell. That's why we optimize the odor of our damping greases and lubricants for vehicle interiors. They underline the high-quality look and feel of modern vehicles and ensure low wear and long life.

The right automotive industrial lubricants for the running gear

Gentle starting, sensitive steering and secure braking: steering and braking systems set high requirements for the deployed lubricants. Our high performance automotive lubricants provide a safe driving experience with low break-free torques and excellent friction coefficients. They are optimized for extended maintenance intervals and consistent performance.

Performance requirements for drivetrain lubricants

With e-mobility as well as a conventional internal combustion engine, high rotational speeds and temperatures from minus 40°C to over 200°C make special demands on drivetrain lubricants. Low wear, long life, precision, efficiency and reliability are also primary considerations. Our speciality automotive oils and lubricants are precisely designed for this, and they are constantly being refined and optimized for the new-mobility era and the deployment of new drive technologies.

The role of the right lubrication for plug-and-socket connectors

Every day a new electric vehicle drives up to the power outlet. Suitable lubricating greases provide low resistance and arc damping, as well as protection against fretting and other types of damage from vibration and shaking. Optimal lubrication plays a key role in connectors with many mating cycles, which are being used more and more in vehicle construction and for which it is generally necessary to ensure reliable operation for the entire lifetime of the vehicle.

Performance requirements for bonded coatings in the automotive sector

Bonded coatings form a thin lubricant layer after curing, providing dry and clean lubrication for protection against wear and corrosion. The lubricant layer adheres firmly and cannot drip off. Bonded coatings are used in many areas in the automotive sector, from sliding bearings and safety belts to door latches, guide rails and seals.

The role of automotive industrial lubricants in vehicle production

Along with deployment in the vehicle, lubricants from Klüber Lubrication are also used in production. Here selection of the right automotive oils and lubricants helps to reduce costs, increase quality, and protect tools and materials against wear and failure.

For which application do you need the perfect automotive industrial lubricant?

Klüber Lubrication stands for extremely high quality, reliability and innovation. We participate in many working groups and industry associations. As a result, we are involved in the early stages of development processes related to automotive oils and lubricants for the automotive industry. Our certifications, including IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS, are your guarantee of proven quality. We are your competent development partner for all aspects of speciality lubricants for the automotive industry.

At a glance: Speciality lubricants for the automotive industry

  • Optimal for all materials and friction points: Plastic or metal, rubber or carbon: our lubricants are perfectly matched to the specific application area. This ensures material compatibility and long life.
  • Reliable under all conditions: Moisture or salt, large temperature differences or long-term use: our high-performance lubricants provide high efficiency and low wear. This reduces energy consumption and costs over the entire life cycle.
  • Proven in tests and in practice: As your development partner, we offer you speciality lubricants according to your specifications. Tested in special test facilities and proven over and over again in practice. Our quality is measurable, tested, and certified internationally.
  • Innovative support: Electric cars and new mobility, new materials and methods: Klüber Lubrication develops automotive industrial lubricants for technological progress. Matched to your requirements. And to future expectations.

Here you find a product selection of all sub segments for the automotive industry

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