Klübersynth MR 96-31

Article-No: 027043 Special lubricant compatible with many elastomers and plastics

Klübersynth MR 96-31 is a special dynamically light lubricant based on polyglycol and a carefully selected combination of solid substances. It enables smooth motion of many different plastic materials and dampens noise. The product shows a remarkable compatibility with elastomers and plastics over a wide service temperature range.

Klübersynth MR 96-31

Benefits for your application

  • Versatile product for use with many different elastomers and plastics (e.g. EPDM, PP, HDPE)

  • Good compatibility with polymers over a wide service temperature range

  • Reduces friction resistance also in critical, non-polar polymer materials

  • Noise damping and vibration-reducing

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