Klübersynth LP 42-32

Article-No: 004153 Low-temperature grease with solid lubricant

Klübersynth LP 42-32 is a dynamically light, fully synthetic lubricating grease. The service temperature range is approx. -50 °C to 150 °C. In contrast to conventional greases, Klübersynth LP 42-32 does not become pasty under thermal load, and its flow limit is not increased. Instead, this grease becomes a little softer, thus preventing wear particles and dust from making the lubricant pasty. Lubricity is ensured for a longer period. The product's good ageing resistance and its excellent corrosion and wear protection make it an ideal long-term and lifetime lubricant. Machine elements lubricated with Klübersynth LP 42‑32, achieve very low starting and running torques even at extremely low temperatures.

Klübersynth LP 42-32

Benefits for your application

  • Synthetic low-temperature grease

  • Inhibits fretting corrosion

  • Thermally stable, does not become pasty

  • High resistance to wear and corrosion

  • UV indicator for quality assurance at 366 nm

  • Starter grease acc. to Bosch standard N28 FT 1022-002 (formerly VS 18570-Ft)

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