Klübersynth J 84-402

Article-No: 004334 Special grease for low friction torques in ball joints

As a manufacturer of modern motor vehicles, a good driving sensation is of increasing importance for you and especially your customers. To compensate for uneven road surfaces and neutralise vibrations on the spring-mounted vehicle, ball joints are required which offer a low breakaway torque and high protection against wear.

The good compatibility with materials and mechanical properties of Klübersynth J 84-402 contribute to a pleasant driving sensation. The grease contains a solid which keeps breakaway torques low and reduces the stick-slip tendency. It also reduces or even eliminates unpleasant cracking noises. Klübersynth J 84-402 provides high corrosion protection, thus meeting the VW TL 721 requirements.

Klübersynth J 84-402

Benefits for your application

  • Extended component life due to

    • high protection against corrosion and wear

    • good behaviour in plastic/steel material combinations

  • Cost reducton due to good price-performance ratio

  • Good mechanical behaviour due to low breakaway torques and low tendency to stick-slip

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