Klüber Summit RHT 100

Article-No: 050159 Paraffin-based mineral oils especially developed for ammonia refrigeration compressors

Klüber Summit RHT 68 and Klüber Summit RHT 100 are refrigeration compressor oils on the basis of highly purified, hydrogenated mineral oils.

Klüber Summit RHT 68 and Klüber Summit RHT 100 meet the requirements of DIN 51 5031, KAA.

Klüber Summit RHT 100

Benefits for your application

  • Low solubility in ammonia

  • Excellent flow characteristics at low temperatures

  • Lower maintenance costs due to long oil change intervals and reduced oil consumption

  • Easier changeover due to neutral behaviour towards seals

  • High refrigeration efficiency due to reduced oil deposits

  • Lower operating costs due to long filter and oil separator lifetimes

  • Lower oil carryover than with naphthene-based mineral oils

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