Sidem and Klüber Lubrication Collaborate to Introduce Cutting-Edge Lifetime Lubricating Grease

Sidem, a leading automotive solutions provider, and Klüber Lubrication, a global specialist in specialty lubricants, proudly announce their collaboration in developing an advanced lifetime lubricating grease. This revolutionary product sets a new benchmark in performance, addressing wear, torque, and friction challenges while prioritizing sustainability.

Key Features:

1. Anti-Corrosion Water-Resistant Formula: Sidem's lifetime lubricating grease features a water-resistant formulation, providing comprehensive protection against corrosion and environmental adversities.

2. Comfort Redefined: The grease minimizes both static and dynamic friction, offering an enhanced dampening effect for starting and running torques, resulting in an exceptionally comfortable driving experience.

3. Co-Engineering Excellence: The product is the outcome of an intensive co-engineering effort between Sidem's Research and Development department and Klüber Lubrication. Rigorous testing ensures its resilience under varied day-to-day automotive conditions.

4. Sustainability at its Core: Sidem's commitment to sustainability is evident in the exclusive use of sustainable substances, aligning with the industry's broader shift towards eco-friendly practices.

5. Longest Lifespan and Durability Measures: To combat corrosion caused by moisture infiltration, Sidem utilizes durable raw materials such as cold-forged, polished chromium steel for the ball pin. Incorporating grooves on the dust cover prevents water seepage, making Sidem ball joints exceptionally waterproof.

6. Quality Lubrication for Maximum Efficiency: The lubricant is free of heavy metals and black solid lubricants, ensuring a more durable production process. Implementation of this grease results in a 7% reduction in consumption.

Endorsement by Volkswagen: The Klüber grease applied by Sidem meets the stringent standards set by Volkswagen (VW-TL 721 standard), attesting to the quality and reliability of the product.

About Sidem: Sidem is a renowned manufacturer of steering and suspension parts for the automotive aftermarket, committed to engineering solutions prioritizing longevity, safety, and ease of installation.

About Klüber Lubrication: Klüber Lubrication brings a lot of experience of innovation to the partnership. Renowned for precision engineering, Klüber Lubrication stands at the forefront of lubrication technology.

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