Food industry: potential savings of up to six percent

The impact of high-quality specialty lubricants on the optimization of energy efficiency – particularly when provided together with individual consulting services – is still often underestimated. A tribology expert does not only recommend precisely fitting lubricant solutions for the respective application, but also considers the entire system. This often offers so far unimagined scope for energy savings.

Tips for implementing sustainability goals

Energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions are of enormous importance for the food industry. Not only does a decrease in energy consumption have a direct impact on a company's operating costs, but above all, more efficient energy consumption means a big step on the way to CO2 neutrality and to achieving sustainability goals. Evidence of continuous improvement in energy efficiency must also be provided, for example, for the initial and re-certification of energy management, which is of high importance in the food industry.

Klüber Lubrication’s new white paper 'Sustainability and Food Safety' summarizes how food manufacturers can use customized specialty lubricants to increase energy efficiency, further improve their ecological footprint and at the same time realize potential savings of up to six percent. Other important topics for the food industry are also addressed here, in particular the issues of sustainability in product development, food safety and the safety of employees in production.

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