Klübertherm HB 88-182

Article-No: 093006 Rolling bearing grease for high loads and temperatures

As a manufacturer or operator of production equipment, you would like to lubricate the various rolling bearings in your equipment with one single grease for all service temperatures, which not only facilitates your work processes for initial and relubrication, but also prevents product mix-up. Klübertherm HB 88-182 is a versatile long-term grease offering good corrosion and wear protection for rolling bearings subject to high loads and medium speeds at temperatures of up to 180 °C. While many lubricants disintegrate when subject to high temperature and humidity, Klübertherm HB 88-182 is resistant to hydrolysis. These positive characteristics enable you to optimise lubrication intervals and to protect your components against premature failure. The density of Klübertherm HB 88-182 is only about half as that of PFPE-based lubricants normally used in this temperature range, enabling cost savings. Its lower shear viscosity offers potential for energy savings.

Klübertherm HB 88-182

Benefits for your application

  • Lubricating grease suited to the requirements of high-temperature applications of up to 180 °C without residue formation in bearings or pipes

  • Closes the gap between high-temperature greases based on PFPE oils and standard ester oil-based greases

  • Low-density product for high volume yield, leading to lower consumption costs compared to fully fluorinated lubricants

  • Sustainable: Better degradability in the environment than PFPE-based products

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