Overhead cranes play a central role in many industries: They have to move heavy loads reliably and with accuracy. Crane downtime must be avoided as it would bring the entire production to a costly standstill. Specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication not only allow cranes to run longer before they need to be serviced again, but they also reduce friction, which ensures greater efficiency in operation, reducing wear and costs over the whole lifecycle of a crane.

Raise loads, not costs with our specialty lubricants for overhead cranes

Overhead cranes form the backbone of numerous industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and construction. These robust machines handle heavy loads, endure extreme conditions, and operate continuously, subjecting their components to intense stress and wear.

Therefore, a lubricant solution is needed that works in this tough environment. As a specialist for high-quality lubricants that perform even in the toughest environments, Klüber Lubrication has exactly what you need.

We have suitable synthetic lubricants that not only meet these high demands, but also reduce maintenance and energy costs at the same time – an innovative approach that helps our customers worldwide. From gear oils to bearing greases: every aspect of your crane can benefit from our specialty lubricants and lift your productivity to a higher level.

Our products are based on our decades of experience and our long-term personal partnership with customers around the world in various sectors, such as steel production, logistics, waste management, automotive, heavy industry, food manufacturers and many other industries where overhead cranes are used. In addition, we offer suitable solutions for industrial crane manufacturers who can use our wide range of high-quality lubricants to make their machines more efficient, productive, and durable.

What we can offer for your overhead crane system

At a glance: specialty lubricants for overhead cranes

  • Less friction means less stress on components and better durability
  • Lower oil temperature extends lubrication intervals
  • Save cost with more energy-efficient synthetic lubricants
  • Longer maintenance intervals, less downtime
  • Fast payback and long-term cost savings

Increase energy-efficiency with our synthetic oil solutions

Rising energy costs and a change in awareness among companies as well as end customers make it more important than ever for both manufacturers and operators of industrial cranes must place more emphasis on efficiency. With our pioneering specialty lubricants, we not only reduce the operating costs of overhead cranes, the lower energy consumption during operation also reduces CO2 emissions. Less frequent refilling further reduces resource consumption. Especially for cranes that are in operation around the clock, a changeover to our unmatched lubricants is worthwhile – for the environment and customers alike.

Reduce downtime while increasing productivity

Routine maintenance and lubrication tasks can be time-consuming and costly, leading to operational disruptions. With our innovative synthetic lubricants, we start right where you can most easily avoid failures: Thanks to lower friction and the resulting lower temperature, the lifetime of gearboxes and motors is significantly extended. Longer maintenance intervals and lower stress on cranes ensure continuously higher productivity. This way you can reduce downtime and get more out of your machines at the same time. Our customer-centric approach enables us to provide you with standard-setting lubricants that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Beyond lubrication: Digital services lift your overhead crane to another level

Klüber Lubrication goes beyond providing exceptional lubricants: We offer comprehensive technical support and innovative services to ensure customers achieve the maximum benefit from our products. All with the goal of lower costs and higher productivity over the entire service life of your crane. Maintenance management, lubricant analysis and machine monitoring are three pillars on which our strategy for reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) is based. We will be happy to offer comprehensive advice on our holistic approach.

Making a steel plant more reliable with our technology

Extreme conditions prevail for overhead cranes in steel mills: high temperatures, heavy loads, almost continuous operation. These conditions can also affect crane components. Bearing damage can occur when lubrication lines get blocked. The enormously high pressure required to transport traditional multipurpose greases leads to severe oil separation in the system. The remaining hard residues of the grease then clog the lubricant lines.

Klüber therefore relies on high-quality synthetic lubricants, which are easier to use. Compared to mineral oil-based substances, they can not only be used many times longer, but also need to be replenished less frequently. This prevents downtime due to gear damage and extends maintenance intervals. At the same time, our unique lubricants protect the environment. As a result, you can save energy and prevent pollutant emissions at the same time. With this approach we prove that we are providing the best solutions for the needs of our partners.

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