Mobility and environmental protection: Klüber Lubrication opts for low-emission logistics

For Klüber Lubrication, the climate and the environment are a matter of corporate responsibility. We contribute to a greener future with e-mobility in our logistics, thus considerably reducing our footprint.

More environmentally friendly logistics between Munich and Maisach

More environmentally friendly logistics between Munich and Maisach

Klüber Lubrication has upsized its vehicle fleet to include two electric cars, which "will be used as commuting vehicles between KLM and the new logistics center in Maisach,", says Thomas Wieandt, Executive Vice President Finance at Administration. They are a contribution towards low-emission mobility - and downsize our footprint.

"Speciality lubricants for electromobility"

The electric cars are unmistakeable: painted in black and bearing the slogan "Speciality lubricants for electro-mobility".  On the approximately 40-kilometre-long route, they will now be a regular sight.  With 125 kilowatts (170 HP), their range is 235 kilometres. A range extender enables this to be increased to 330 kilometres in everyday operation. It is a power unit that can switch to an internal combustion engine.

Investments in local infrastructure

"With four charging stations in Munich and two in Maisach, we also invested in the infrastructure", explains Thomas Wieandt. Charging time: approx. three hours. Moreover, the cars are fitted with an eCall capability. At the touch of a button, the manufacturer will be informed of any problems; in the event of major accidents, the car will transmit a signal to the rescue coordination center - a contribution towards HSE.

"Electro-mobility marries innovation and technological progress to environmental and climate protection - fields we have quite deliberately signed up to," adds Dr. Dirk Loderer, Vice President Technology and R&D. "What's more, e-mobility is shaking up the automotive market; as innovators for speciality lubricants we are global specialists here as well."

New ways for a greener future

Innovation is an important driver for our company.  Our efforts to minimise our footprint through a climate-friendly approach is not limited to our products, but also include the subject of sustainability. Detailed information is provided in the Sustainability Report of Klüber Lubrication.

The following projects reflect our commitment to a greener future:

Green energy:
Learn how we provide our site in Austria with regional green energy, thus making a contribution to ecological sustainability.

With large photovoltaic systems at our production site in Mexico we save up to 200 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

At our customer InterCement in Brazil we succeeded in substantially reducing both climate impacts and costs.

Wind power:
Our speciality lubricants also improve the energy balance and maximise the efficiency of wind turbines.

Reduce emissions: With Klüber Lubrication

By making our logistics processes more eco-friendly, you as our customers indirectly contribute to the low-emission transport of goods.

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