Biogas plants are playing a decisive role in the shift towards renewable energy sources and increased environmental protection, but the main challenge for plant operators is the efficient and cost-effective operation of their plant, despite the aggressive nature of biogas. With conventional lubricants, ageing sets in faster and their resistance to the tougher conditions of biogas production is not sufficient. These oils decompose more rapidly, leading to short maintenance intervals and frequent malfunction, which may even cause a standstill of the plant. Correct lubrication of the machines in these plants is therefore essential for smooth and efficient operation.

Biogas lubrication and compressor oils

More reliability enabled by our products  

Our lubricants are especially designed to deal with the challenges posed by working with biogases, where other products lose performative capacity, decompose and age rapidly, our products withstand the high stresses caused by the aggressive raw biogases for which they were developed. Our compressor oils do not contain any sulfur or other components that might react with chlorinated components or acidic gases. This makes them particularly attractive for use in screw compressors working with gases or in systems where reactive or corrosive gases are compressed, i.e. in particular in biogas upgrading plants.

With their special formulations, our compressor oils enable not only reliable protection against wear and corrosion, but they also optimise the performance of your facilities.

When working with screw-type compressors, you can count on our products from the Klüber Summit LCG series to

  • extend machine life.
  • optimise oil change intervals.
  • prevent failures. 

  • increase machine longevity and performance.

  • reduce your total operating costs.

  • protect your equipment against wear and corrosion.

Let’s work together to increase the efficiency of your biogas plant. Based on our expertise in specialty lubricants gained over many years we will find matching products for your plant together. Count on us as your partner to enable safe, reliable and efficient plant operation.

Learn more about our high-quality lubricants and tap into our expertise for the benefit of your biogas plant.

Biogas Experts services

Our team of experts leverages years of experience in the field to provide tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and longevity. Our specialized services are designed to monitor, optimize and check all relevant aspects of your biogas plant's operation.

Let's collaborate to elevate the performance of your biogas plant, ensuring it runs smoothly and cost-effectively.

Successful application of Klüber Summit LCG series in biogas upgrading plants at Carbon CO2ncepts GmbH

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One example of a successful application of our Klüber Summit LCG series in biogas upgrading plants is our cooperation with the customer Carbon CO2ncepts GmbH.

Carbon CO2ncepts GmbH is a leading company in the field of environmental engineering and sustainability. 

A key component of its services is to promote the production and use of biogas by advising and supporting operators in optimising their facilities. It is a spin-off company that previously belonged to one of Germany’s largest biogas trading companies and became operational in January 2023, taking over three biogas upgrading plants. Through its close cooperation and partnership with us and the use of our products, proven positive results were attained in their biogas upgrading facilities.

The following Case Study illustrates how we met the challenges of our customer, and how the customer has benefited from using our products:

Biogas Plant Lubrication

Initial situation:

Carbon CO2ncepts GmbH operation 3 biogas upgrading plants at Reimlingen, Schwaigern, and Feldberg.

  • Applications: various compressors (e.g. made by Aerzner)

  • Gas components: 50 % methane, 45 % CO₂, 5 % residues such as H₂S

Challenge:​ Residues from the raw gas affect and thicken the oil.

The consequences are:

  • Valves and filters clogged by particles
  • Malfunction/errors lead to shutdowns
  • Frequent exchange of filters and oil required


Klüber Summit LCG 68 and Klüber Summit LCG 100​ were developed for the lubrication of screw-type compressors, no matter if they work with natural gas, treated or untreated biogas.

Product characteristics and benefits:

  • Effective corrosion protection in connection with

    • oil-wetted surfaces

    • acidic gas (hydrogen sulfide)

    • CO₂ mixtures

  • No residue formation despite reaction with process gas

  • Resistant to hydrolysis (pure PAO, no ester)​

  • Longer compressor life (> 8.000 h) and more reliable performance

  • Longer oil change intervals

Through the successful application of our specialty lubricants, the performance of the biogas upgrading plants could evidently be improved.

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