Wherever there is friction in a mechanical system, wear and corrosion can obstruct your production process and damage your machinery. You can resolve this issue with high-quality lubricating greases – because the optimal grease lubrication helps you keep your production up and running and your machines in good condition.

At a glance: lubricating greases from Klüber Lubrication

  • Excellent solutions for mechanical friction: effective and sustained protection against wear, corrosion and risks from external factors.
  • Proven track record for individual requirements: applications for our reliable speciality lubricants include valves and fittings, rolling and plain bearings, gears, plastics, contacts, pneumatic components and many more.
  • High-quality solutions: competence and expertise based on more than 90 years of research and experience.

What are industrial lubricating greases?

Lubricating greases, when carefully chosen, are effective in industrial applications at reducing mechanical friction and wear. From a purely chemical perspective, they are mixtures consisting of

  • approximately 75 percent lubricating oil;
  • approximately 15 percent thickener;
  • and up to 10 percent additives.

Lubricating greases are the ideal choice when you want to provide long-term protection for friction points. Along with excellent lubrication, they provide effective protection against external factors such as water spray, humidity and contaminants, depending on the operating conditions.

The result: Your machines are protected against wear and corrosion. This keeps you on the safe side, both mechanically and economically.

Strong adhesion through consistent lubricants

The question of whether grease or oil lubrication would be the better choice for your application depends on your individual requirements. By choosing the right lubricant you can master existing challenges. In all cases, what matters is the design and mode of operation of your machine.

An advantage of grease lubrication over oil lubrication is that the lubricant is consistent and therefore stays longer at the friction point. This is especially beneficial with lubrication points

  • that are not sealed and where the base oil is held at the friction point by the consistency of the lubricating grease, which enables an optimal supply of the base oil to the friction point;
  • when relubrication is not possible, meaning that a single lubricant fill has to provide lubricity over the component’s entire lifetime.

Basically, grease lubrication is the most obvious choice when the design of an industrial application rules out the use of oil lubrication. An example of grease applications is spindle bearings in machine tools, which rotate very fast and have low surface pressure. For large drives with high surface pressures and low speed, by contrast, lubrication with oils or fluids may be more appropriate.

The advantages of grease lubrication:

  • Simpler design with respect to sealing
  • Long service life with reduced maintenance effort
  • Often a lifetime lubrication
  • Lower consumption
  • Improved sealing


Optimal grease lubrication: the right lubricating grease for your individual needs

You should select a suitable lubricating grease for the applications you want to optimise and protect. Our product range includes more than 1,500 different lubricating greases to precisely match your individual needs. Boost your production to a new level – for example, with high-performance lubricating greases for unusually high or low temperatures, or especially versatile lubricating greases.

Suitable grease lubrication is indispensable for reliable operation and service life attainment of rolling bearings. For example, good oil release is especially important for high-speed rolling bearings. For each application, you need a suitable lubricant that meets your individual demands. You can choose from high-temperature, low-temperature, high-speed or heavy-duty lubricating greases, as well as H1 lubricating greases.

Selected greases for rolling and plain bearings:

More product recommendations for specific applications are available under journal bearings and rolling bearings.

Plastic parts can be made of many different materials in an extremely wide variety of material combinations. The main considerations for choosing the right lubricating grease are compatibility with the plastic and outstanding wear protection. Our products help you optimally meet these requirements.

Selected greases for plastics:

Electrical contacts, switches and sensors need lubricating greases with consistently low contact resistance. Contacts also have to be protected against corrosion, and they need to achieve a large number of insertion or switch cycles. Contact greases meet all these requirements optimally.

Selected greases for contacts, switches and sensors:

With pneumatic drives, it is especially important that they start reliably and run smoothly. Lubricating greases make this possible. However, the grease must be compatible with the corresponding seals, making highly specialised lubricating greases necessary. In cooperation with expert manufacturers of seals and pneumatic components, Klüber Lubrication has developed precisely matching speciality lubricants that optimally fulfil your requirements.

Selected greases for pneumatic systems:

Lubricating greases from Klüber Lubrication: use our expertise to simplify your production

If you have any questions about the possible applications of our lubricating greases, we would be pleased to provide you with individual advice at any time.

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