Springs are often subject to high surface pressure, small movement or external influences. Lubricating them pays off in many cases. We offer a wide range of speciality lubricants for industrial springs that protect reliably against wear, tribocorrosion and chemical corrosion.

Springs have many jobs to fulfil: They ease shocks, distribute and measure forces, compensate vibrations and bring components into the correct position. Wear and tribocorrosion may occur between the spring and the seating. Depending on the application, the components may also be subject to aggressive media or constant vibrations.

With the right lubricant, you ensure that your springs continue to function reliably. Our speciality lubricants absorb high loads, reduce friction between the spring components and protect reliably against tribocorrosion when used for flat coils, leaf, disk or annular springs. Our product range comprises pastes, greases and bonded coatings that adhere well to the surface, even when subject to vibrations and shock loads. Many of our lubricants are compatible with nonferrous metals, plastics or elastomers. For environmentally sensitive sectors like agriculture and forestry, we offer special products that protect against corrosion while being environmentally sound. Many of our products also fulfil the requirements of food regulations. We offer solutions for disk springs used in the automotive sector that keep their lubricating properties for their lifetime at both high and low temperatures.

The right speciality lubricant helps you extend the lifetime of your springs while reducing your maintenance costs. Our lubrication specialists have long-standing experience and support you in finding the right lubrication solution for your application.

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