Grease-lubricated gears are as diverse as their applications. They may be tiny and require no relubrication for their entire lifetime, for example in actuators in the automotive industry; they may be several meters in size or exposed to adverse environmental conditions, for example open gears of rotary kilns in the cement industry. Harmonic drives or cycloidal gear units ensure high-precision movements of robot arms, even at extreme accelerations and in non-stop production. Transmission performance depends largely on the quality of gear lubrication. Klüber Lubrication develops and produces specialty lubricants for grease-lubricated gears that help to extend their service life and minimise wear. They reduce friction and the generation of noise, increase energy efficiency and often protect components from damage and corrosion throughout their entire service life: Both manufacturers and users of power transmission systems benefit from the right lubrication of gears.

Customised lubricants for a multitude of requirements

All grease-lubricated gears need to be protected against wear and corrosion – which is where specialty lubricants can help: Whether plastic or metal gears, bearings and hammer mechanisms in hand-held power tools or spur gears, spur bevel gear units, worm gears, planetary gears or spindle bearings in high-speed machine tools. The special requirements for gear lubricants differ depending on the application and environmental conditions. In a best-case scenario, they are already taken into account during the development of an application. This often simplifies design when, for example, the formation of a grease collar has a sealing effect against environmental influences, or the highly adhesive specialty lubricants for gears reduce gear wheel splashing losses and leakage. Solid or consistent lubricating grease is always immediately available at the lubrication point and therefore permits flexible gear orientation. Also in start-stop operation and at low speeds, greases with their higher lubricant film thickness show their strengths compared to oils and other lubricants. Due to their viscosity-temperature behaviour, lubricating greases can also be used in a wide service temperature range – even at very high and very low temperatures. With their water resistance, they increase operational reliability in wet environments. For applications in the food industry, they are also available as specially registered NSF H1 lubricants for grease-lubricated gears, therefore meeting strict compliance requirements.

Klüber Lubrication develops specialty lubricants in close cooperation with the industry to increase efficiency and extend the service life of components in numerous applications.

Perfectly coordinated: more profitability through innovation and services

Another of Klüber Lubrication’s goals is to increase profitability with specialised gear lubricants by developing matched systems for many applications that allow optimally adjusted friction, the prevention of leakages and the extension of relubrication intervals – in cases where gear lubrication is not for life. Klüber Lubrication also offers optimally matched lubricants for innovative applications such as e-bikes, which have special requirements regarding the greasing of tooth flanks.

As a partner to our customers, we support you in finding the right grease for your gears and your application by drawing on our large portfolio of specialty lubricants, ranging from fluid greases for steel gears and greases for plastic gears to special lubricants for robots, machine tools and gear lubricants for the food industry. Extensive pre-tests and services relating to the product launch and application of new lubricants ensure optimum lubrication results with minimum lubricant quantities, while also providing maximum efficiency and economy.

For which application do you need the right high-performance lubricant?

Top quality, reliability and innovation – that is what Klüber Lubrication stands for. We are your competent partner for all aspects of reliable lubrication for gears.

Are you looking for exactly the right specialty lubricant for your grease-lubricated gears? Do you have questions or do you need advice on a special solution? We will be glad to help you – talk with our specialists about your project!

At a glance: Lubricants for grease-lubricated gears from Klüber Lubrication

  • Versatile and customised lubrication for gears: Specialty lubricants for maximum protection against corrosion, optimum friction values and long-lasting gear lubrication.
  • Maximum protection: Lubricants for grease-lubricated gears such as high-temperature greases protect against friction and wear even under extreme temperatures and adverse ambient conditions.
  • Specialty lubricants as a design element: with high adhesion and for sealing against water or moisture.
  • Innovative solutions for tribological challenges: Specialty lubricants for grease-lubricated gears – developed in close cooperation with customers, the industry and users. We provide comprehensive services to help you with selection and use.
  • Tested, proven and available worldwide: Klüber Lubrication specialty lubricants are put through intensive trials and testing. Upon release, they are available worldwide.

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