Klüberfood NH1 M 4-220 NE

Article-No: 029096 High-performance oils for high-speed can seaming machines

Modern seaming machines are designed to achieve high production speeds in order to meet the requirements of the leading beverage companies. However, increased mechanical stresses and the effects of different beverages on components can compromise the performance and the lifetime of mechanical parts.

High-performance seaming oils are required to ensure the lowest maintenance efforts and achieve maximum machine reliability at your production site. Based on a modern base oil concept and a highly efficient additive package, Klüberfood NH1 M 4 NE oils show reduced formation of residues and sludge. Thus they support you as an operating company in improving the efficiency of your production process.

Water, beverages and foodstuffs can contaminate the oil circulation system, which is why the lubricating fluid needs to be regularly circulated through a filter. The formulation of Klüberfood NH1 M 4 .. NE contains emulsifiers, which enables the oil to perform its critical function of creating a lubricating film on the component surfaces even in the presence of water or beverages. The emulsifiers used are well balanced to allow the filtration system to remove water and/or other contaminants efficiently from the oil reservoir.

Klüberfood NH1 M 4-220 NE

Benefits for your application

  • Compliance with the highest food safety standards due to NSF H1 registration and ISO 21469 certification

  • Reduced formation of sludge and increased oil lifetime due to excellent oxidation stability and modern oil technology

  • Increased component lifetime due to good corrosion protection also in corrosive media

  • Excellent wear protection

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