Klüber Tyreno Fluid 1/5 HV

Article-No: 130113 High-performance oil for extreme requirements

You are looking for a low-viscosity lubricating oil for your application in particularly challenging ambient conditions.

Klüber Tyreno Fluid 1/5 HV is based on PFPE oil and therefore neutral to most materials, it shows very good resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and is non-flammable.

Due to the special PFPE oil concept, in which the oil viscosity is relatively independent of temperature, Klüber Tyreno Fluid 1/5 HV maintains its efficacy at both very low temperatures and high temperatures and enables long product life.

Klüber Tyreno Fluid 1/5 HV

Benefits for your application

  • Easy to apply even to difficult-to-reach lubrication points due to low viscosity

  • Resistant to most chemicals, resulting in

    • no unwanted-by products of chemical reaction processes

    • extended lubricant service life

    • increased component life - no removal from the lubrication point

  • Protects ambient materials as it is neutral to most elastomers and plastics

  • Wide application spectrum due to good lubricity even at very low temperatures and at high temperatures

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