Klübertop TM 06-111

Cod. articolo: 099012 Cost savings due to wear and corrosion protection also under high loads long component life due to good surface smoothening at high loads highly resistant at high loads in combination with corrosive influences low friction coefficients at high loads Clean and dry surfaces with lubricating effect no contamination by fluid lubricant no sticking of lubricated components during automated assembly lubricant firmly incorporated, no risk of lubrication starvation in the friction point

Once applied and hardened, the coating ensures:

  • good wear resistance

  • excellent corrosion protection

  • wide service temperature range

  • no stick-slip at low relative speeds

  • excellent wear protection on zinc-phosphated surfaces

Klübertop TM 06-111

Vantaggi per la tua applicazione

Thermosetting bonded coating for high loads and good corrosion protection


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