Klübersynth DB 2-32

Cod. articolo: 028082 Longer service life due to good ageing resistance Wide range of application due to high thermal stability Smooth running oils Individual range of applications due to several oil viscosities High reliability and maintenance-free application due to lifetime lubrication Versatile uses due to good corrosion protection

Klübersynth DB 2 oils are synthetic lubricants based on a mixture of ester oil and synthetic hydrocarbons. They are intended for use in both low and high-temperature applications. Silicone is not used in the formulation of the products. With their additives and their particular composition, these oils can be used in a wide temperature range. The excellent anticorrosive effect of Klübersynth DB 2 oils enables trouble-free operation of both iron and bronze bearings.

Klübersynth DB 2-32

Vantaggi per la tua applicazione

Synthetic impregnating oils for sintered metal plain bearings


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