Klüber Summit DSL 100

Cod. articolo: 050002 Fully synthetic air compressor oils for oil change intervals up to 8,000 operating hours

Klüber Summit DSL oils are air compressor oils based on a synthetic ester oil and additives. They can be mixed with mineral oils, synthetic hydrocarbon oils and polyglycol oils.

Klüber Summit DSL 100

Vantaggi per la tua applicazione

  • Low maintenance and operating costs due to oil change intervals up to 8,000 operating hours inoil-injected screw-type compressors

  • Easier compressor oil conversion due to neutral behaviour of oils towards seals

  • Good soil dissolving capacity, clean oil circuit due to the ester content in the oil, reduction of cleaning costs

  • Low formation of oxidation residues in the oil circuit, reduced operating costs due to extended oil filter and separator life

  • Klüber Summit DSL 32, 46, and 68 are biodegradable oils and can be used for sensitive applications like sewage plants

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