Corrosion can seriously affect your processes and products and lead to major repairs, production downtime and costs. By using a matching corrosion protection agent you provide optimal preservation to your components and achieve effective protection against damage to your business.

At a glance: industrial corrosion protection agents made by Klüber Lubrication

  • Lubrication and protection for your components: significant reduction of wear and decomposition processes with various materials
  • Tested effectiveness: numerous tests on in-house test rigs
  • Matching solutions: made specifically for individual requirements
  • High-performance product range: competence and expertise gained from more than 90 years of research and experience

What are corrosion protection agents?

Corrosion protection agents are substances that protect metal and other materials against undesirable decomposition (corrosion) processes. Corrosion occurs, among other things, when a material comes into contact with water.

The resulting costs are horrendous: According to the World Corrosion Organization, corrosion-induced costs amount to a full three to four percent of the gross domestic product of all industrialised nations. Corrosion can only be counteracted by a matching protection agent preserving the material against harmful effects in the long term to ensure equipment availability.

Depending on the technical environment, different kinds of lubricant may serve as industrial corrosion protection agents. No matter if an oil, grease, paste or bonded coating is used: what matters for corrosion protection is the enduring separation between the component to be protected and the surrounding media.

Benefits of industrial corrosion protection agents made by Klüber Lubrication

Corrosion does not only cut short component lifetime but can lead to production downtime and hence high maintenance costs. By selecting an anti-corrosion protection agent matching your requirements, we can support you in the effective prevention of such damage. For this selection to take place, all other tribological requirements (mechanical loads, temperatures) must also be taken into account.

Your benefits

  • Longer relubrication intervals and reduced maintenance costs due to minimised wear
  • Effective protection against different corrosive media
  • For components as varied as chains, gears, hinges, screws and bolts, rails, bearings, etc.
  • Less damage during assembly and disassembly due to easier handling of e.g. screwed connections
  • Less noise
  • Operational safety e.g. due to NSF H1 registration for the food-processing industry

The right corrosion protection for your industrial requirements

To select the right corrosion protection agent for your requirements, individual requirements must be taken into account. Effective rust protection is often just one of several aspects involved in extending component life. Besides the component itself, operating speeds, temperature ranges and surrounding media also play a role in this respect. We always recommend considering corrosion protection in conjunction with all the other tribological requirements in order to find an optimised solution.

We offer both effective anticorrosive agents for intact components to be protected against any future damage and powerful corrosion dissolvers for components already affected by corrosion.

Industrial corrosion protection agents do an excellent job not only in the preservation of materials, but also in the dissolution of corrosion that has already formed. This is how our high-performance lubricants succeed in ridding your component of any corrosion and extending their service lives. Our selected corrosion dissolvers form hardly any residues and safeguard you against costly loss of production. This enables significantly lower maintenance and material costs.

Benefit from using industrial anti-corrosion protection made by Klüber Lubrication

Should you have further queries regarding applications of our industrial corrosion protection agents, we will be happy to provide individual support any time.

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