Below you will find our detailed expectations of our suppliers in terms of ethical standards, social responsibility, environmental protection and climate neutrality, based on five fundamental principles:

  • Act responsibly and ethically in all areas and situations in accordance with our Code of Conduct and the UN Global Compact,
  • Proven reductions in carbon emissions to eventually reach climate neutrality in the entire supply chain until 2045,
  • Regularly updated and optimised ecological footprint / life cycle assessments on all raw materials and packages,
  • Increasing the share of recyclates in our raw materials and packages,
  • Together with our suppliers, create more sustainable solutions for our customers through innovative products.

These expectations form the basis of our collaboration and our commitment to a sustainable future and a carbon-neutral business. We believe that working closely with our business partners and suppliers ensures that the highest ethical standards are maintained. Together we can make a positive social and environmental impact on the world.

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