Better reliability, lower energy consumption, and in line with sustainability goals: high-quality lubricants make a difference in compressors. Klüber Lubrication, an industry-leading provider of special lubricants, has created effective products for air, gas, and refrigeration compressors, because these machines have to keep working reliably even in tough conditions. You can find out all about Klüber's high-performance lubricants on our websites – or get in touch with us for professional advice.

Klüber Lubrication's innovative oils are based on over 40 years of experience with lubricants for compressors. We develop and test all products in our own research laboratories, providing solutions precisely tailored to the high demands of our customers. The result is unique lubricants that protect moving parts in compressors, extend the lifespan of machines, and increase maintenance intervals.

Air Compressors: Achieve greater reliability with high-tech lubricants

High temperatures, pressures, and speeds: air compressors face significant challenges. They are essential components in many production plants and must therefore run reliably. Klüber's special lubricants can not only reduce downtime but also increase energy efficiency, thus improving the long-term profitability of production lines.

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Gas Compressors: Preventing contamination and failures

Compressing natural or process gas is a complex task, whether the gas compressor is onshore, offshore, or utilized for various industries. Depending on the application, specialized lubricants are needed to function under high pressure without contaminating the gas flow. This demanding task is addressed by Klüber's numerous specialized lubricants and additional services for maintenance management.

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Refrigeration Compressors: Enhancing efficiency with modern lubricants

While refrigeration compressors are often still lubricated with mineral oils, this approach raises sustainability concerns and impacts budgets due to higher consumption. Klüber's modern synthetic lubricants increase energy efficiency, reliability, and reduce operating and maintenance costs of refrigeration compressors.

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Our compressor-related services

At Klüber Lubrication, our collaboration with customers goes beyond delivery of products. We offer complementary services to maximize the effectiveness of our synthetic lubricants. These include our Total Productive Management Services, which monitor machine lubrication conditions, plan maintenance intervals, and analyze compressor oil performance. We also provide private-label solutions for compressor lubricants.

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Decades of experience and insights across industries characterize the service at Klüber Lubrication. Our experts not only provide comprehensive advice on our product portfolio but also collaborate with customers to develop new, innovative lubricant solutions. Reach out for personalized guidance!

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