Hydrogen production is a key industry for a low-carbon future. Produced either as a by-product or through electrolysis with renewable energy, hydrogen is of relevance to many industries like producers of chemicals, fertiliser, or oil and gas. Additionally, the cement, steel, and power generation industries are also exploring the use of green hydrogen to make their businesses sustainable and reduce emissions.

Hydrogen production is expected to increase in several major markets


Hydrogen production involves energy-intensive equipment like compressors and pumps. To run this equipment efficiently, the right lubricants have to be used. Klüber has developed special lubricants for compressors and other important machines involved in the production of hydrogen . This helps to save costs, minimise oil carryover, and reduce downtime. Additionally, specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication for gearboxes and compressors also contributes to improving energy efficiency, thereby supporting your sustainability goals.

Solutions for the entire value chain of hydrogen production plants

Among the major benefits of specialty lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication are improved reliability and longer maintenance intervals. Valves, compressors, pumps, and gearboxes used in the production of hydrogen need to run reliably. Failures can lead to extensive downtime that can halt the entire production facility.

Klüber’s specially formulated synthetic lubricants are designed to withstand the stresses and workloads encountered in this industry. They offer numerous advantages, including three to five times longer relubrication intervals and higher wear protection. Energy consumption is also reduced, contributing to lower emissions.

Benefit from our decades-long expertise in this field: We collaborate with numerous companies throughout the entire value chain of hydrogen production, and we understand how crucial modern production plants are for a more sustainable future.

Specialty lubricants for valves in hydrogen production

Valves hydrogen

Valves play a crucial role in the infrastructure of hydrogen plants, as they must meet safety standards, prevent leaks, and operate reliably during emergencies. Regular maintenance and proper lubrication are essential for their proper functioning. Klüber Lubrication offers a range of specialty lubricants specifically designed for use in hydrogen production plants. These lubricants offer exceptional sealing properties and can operate effectively under high pressures and in low-temperature environments.

Our selection of specialty lubricants for valves in hydrogen production

Name Base oil
Klübertemp YV 93-302                                                  PFPE                                                           
Klübertemp YV 93-92 PFPE
Klüberalfa YV 93-1202 PFPE
Klüberbeta VR 87-883 Silicon
Klübersynth V 94-751 Synthetic hydrocarbon   

Klübertemp YV 93-302, Klübertemp YV 93-92, and Klübertemp YV 93-1202 can also be used with  oxygen according to ISO 21010 (according to M 034-1 list of non-metallic materials (213-075)).

Klüber lubrication offers more than 30 lubrication solutions especially designed for valves. Our experts will offer advice for your specific application and help you find a product that exactly fits your requirements.


Optimizing hydrogen compressor performance with advanced lubricants

compressor performance - hydrogen

Compressors are at the heart of every hydrogen production plant. When reliability is key, it pays off to use the best available lubricants for hydrogen compressors.

Mineral oils have good lubricating properties, but they are simply not adequate in situations involving elevated temperatures, high pressure, or specific processes. They are easily absorbed by hydrogen gas at higher pressures resulting in a reduction in viscosity and increased oil carryover. This could lead to excessive wear and lead to compressor downtime.

Specialty lubricants, like the ones offered by Klüber, provide a wide range of advantages for hydrogen production. Among those are improved lubrication, leading to reduced friction, and less reactivity with the hydrogen gas stream. Klüber offers compressor oils specially designed for the demanding environment of hydrogen production and can enhance overall production efficiency. This is, in part, because they are more resistant to gas dilution, helping keep the produced hydrogen free from oil contamination.

The various stages of gas compression require a lubricant that offers optimal viscosity at every compression stage. Klüber's solutions are game-changing in this respect, as they can maintain the right level of viscosity throughout the entire compression cycle.

Furthermore, our lubricants are not susceptible to cold weather flow issues and save operators costs by increasing the longevity of parts and equipment while reducing downtime.

To maximise the efficiency of compressors, Klüber has developed several industry-proven lubricants:

Reciprocating piston compressors                   Rotary-screw compressors                               
Klüber Summit DSL XM Klüber Summit NGSH
Klüber Summit LCG Klüber Summit NGP
Klüber Summit NGL Klüber Summit LCG
Klüber Summit GRC Klüber Summit HVR
Klüber Summit NGSH  
Klüber Summit NGP  

If oil-free compressors are used, Klüber Lubrication can assist in choosing an adequate oil solution which can protect the equipment from issues related to accidental gas contact such as sulfide deposits in reciprocating compressor frames.

Specialty lubricants for gearboxes in hydrogen production plants

Industrial gears in the food industry operate in environments with temperatures up to 80 °C. However, the oil temperature can sometimes reach up to 150 °C depending on the type of gear and the application. This may result in high wear of the machine parts, shorter relubrication intervals, and reduced performance.

Cooling tower gearboxes in hydrogen production is one such example where using a synthetic gear oil from Klüber Lubrication can reduce your overall maintenance cost. The gearboxes in this application operate at high temperatures and in humid conditions. They also have excessive noise and vibration levels. This can lead to premature bearing failures and excessive wear on the pinion shaft.

Our special gear oils ensure long maintenance intervals, high efficiency, and lasting component protection, even when gears are at their performance limits.

Klüber product                                                    Remarks                                                            
Klübersynth GEM 4 N
Klübersynth MEG 4 series 
PAO-based synthetic oil
Klübersynth GH 6 series Polyglycol-based synthetic gear oil
Klübersynth GEM 8 Semi-synthetic gear oil

Special note: Before switching over to Klüber synthetic oils, we recommend using Klüber Summit Varnasolv, a cleaning fluid that serves to remove varnish from your compressors and gearboxes.

Invest in a green future, benefit today

Invest in a green future, benefit today

Leveraging our extensive decades-long expertise, we have cultivated collaborative partnerships with leading hydrogen production companies. This hands-on experience has provided us with invaluable insights, confirming the reliability of our products. We clearly see that our specialty lubricants offer long-term cost benefits.

Reduced feed rates, improved compressor runtime and efficiency, longer component life, extended maintenance intervals, enhanced catalyst efficiency, and lower carbon formation tendencies are all factors that must be considered when assessing true costs.

Environmental concerns and sustainable practices are at the forefront of today's industrial landscape. With our expertise as lubrication specialists, we enable companies worldwide to enhance the sustainability of their hydrogen production. Get in touch with us today and learn how your company can benefit from our specialty lubricants.

Klüber not only provides these lubrication solutions but also offers complementary services that maximise the impact of synthetic lubricants. With decades of experience as experts, we provide you with the most straightforward way to enhance the efficiency of your hydrogen production plant and reduce long-term costs. Start optimising your maintenance management with our Total Productive Management services. We offer performance analyses, condition monitoring, and maintenance planning service. Learn more about all that here.

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