Photovoltaics - Klüber Lubrication Mexico reaches the next level of sustainability

On the roof of the production and warehousing hall of Klüber Lubrication Mexico, a sustainability project of path-breaking significance is taking shape which drastically reduces emissions.

The Querétaro site provides ideal conditions

The Querétaro site provides ideal conditions

Our production site in Mexico generates its own sustainable electricity from a photovolataic system measuring 2,800 square metres. There are many reasons for installing the system at KLMEX. One of them is the local climate: in this region, the sun shines 7.7 hours a day on average and clouds are rare, i.e. ideal conditions for using a photovoltaic system.

Using the power of the sun

It was back in 2013 that the project leader and chemical engineer Luis Velázquez came up with the idea of installing a photovoltaic system at KLMEX. Luis Velázquez, HSE responsible at the site in Mexico, presented his ideas at the Regional HSE Meeting of Klüber Lubrication in 2014. He met with great approval.

The project was taking shape when Luis Velázquez found a suitable provider and compared different technical solutions and their performative capabilities. He then developed a comprehensive concept ensuring the supply of around 80 per cent of the electricity KL Mexico needs.

Creating awareness of sustainability

Photovoltaic systems are still a rarity on Mexican factory buildings. Out of the 130 firms in the Querétaro Industrial Park, only our site in Mexico and one other company possess a system of this kind. For us it is important to create awareness for alternative energy resources.

Therefore, every customer entering the facility's reception area can immediately read on a screen the most important facts on our eco-friendly energy supply: for example, the savings in CO2 emissions, amounting to more than 200 tons a year. This amount corresponds to the emissions given off by 100 passenger cars per year. Mathematically, this would have to be compensated for by around 13,000 trees.

Relevance of the project confirmed by the feedback from customers

"Some customers want to know how we are embracing sustainability", says Velázquez. Our customers' interest gives an additional impetus to take climate-friendly measures.

See also the following projects for further information on our contribution to sustainability:

Green energy:
Ecological sustainability also plays an important role at our facilities in Austria which are provided with regional green electicity to the benefit of the environment and the climate.

For the transport between our Munich headquarters and our logistics center in Maisach we will be using the green energy of electric cars in the future.

The example of our customer InterCement in Brazil shows how speciality lubricants are able to protect the climate drastically while reducing costs.

Wind power:
Learn how speciality lubricants improve the efficiency of installations and maximise the electricity yield from wind energy.

More details on the positive effects of our activities here Sustainability Report of Klüber Lubrication.

Let's join forces for a more climate-friendly environment

By using alternative energy resources we make a contribution to climate protection. With you opting for Klüber Lubrication, you help making the economy more enivornmentally friendly.

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