Rolling mills

Rolling mills

Application Machine system Machine element

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Hot Rolling mill      
  Reheating furnace door lifting Roller chain WOLFRAKOTE TOP FLUID
  Furnace extractor roller Bearing STABUTHERM GH 461 /  Klüberplex HB 98-601 BH
  Roller table Bearing Klüberlub BE 41-401 BH / CENTOPLEX GLP 201 BH

Work roll for finishing stand


Klüberalfa YV 93-302

  Down coiler mandrel Bearings & segments STABUTHERM GH 461
  Roughing and finishing stand spindle Gear coupling Klüberlub BE 41-1501
Cold Rolling mill      
  Acid pickling line Bearing STABURAGS NBU 30 
  Continuous galvanizing line brush / winger roll Bearing STABURAGS NBU 30 
  Bridle roll Bearing

Klüberlub BE 41-402 BH / CENTOPLEX 2 EP

  Bell annealing furnace Recirculating fan bearing STABURAGS NBU 8 EP / VARILUB PKS 2
  Cold rolling mill / skin pass mill Work roll Bearing Klüberlub BE 41-402 BH
  Tension leveler Bearing STABURAGS NBU 30
  Continuous annealing furnace Rolling bearing STABUTHERM GH 462


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