Article-No: 017105


Rolling bearing and high-pressure grease

Product description

STABURAGS NBU 8 EP is a lubricating grease based on mineral oil and barium complex soap. It has been used successfully for many years as a long-term grease for bearings subject to high specific loads. Its good wear protection properties are enhanced by the barium complex thickener. STABURAGS NBU 8 EP protects reliably against corrosion and is resistant to water. It meets the requirements of DIN 51 807, dated May 1970: SKF-R2F test, test run B, 140 °C, and it achieves about 4000 operating hours in the SKF-ROF test at 120 °C.

Benefits for your application

  • Good corrosion protection

  • Good resistance to ambient media

  • Good wear protection / EP properties

  • Protects against tribo-corrosion

  • High-pressure grease