Speciality lubricant solutions for the steel industry

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Lubricants used in steel production must perform effectively around the clock and under harsh operating conditions. We develop speciality lubricants for the steel industry that meet your requirements while contributing to increased plant availability.

Steel plants face very high investment costs. The investments pay off if production runs without interruptions, with every standstill having a direct impact on revenue. Machine elements are expected to run reliably for a long time, and there's more. The components and lubricants are subject to high temperatures, high loads, water, steam and aggressive media. Standard lubricants are unable to cope with these requirements for very long.

To make sure your investments pay off, we offer you speciality lubricants for the entire steel production process. You can reduce wear reliably, even under the harshest conditions and increase the lifetime of your components considerably. Furthermore, our high-performance speciality lubricants reduce your consumption and help protect the environment. All these factors not only increase the availability of your plants but also increase your profit.

Wherever you are

Our experts know the requirements of ore processing, steelworks, continuous casting and roll mills. They will advise you personally when it comes to selecting the right lubricant, wherever you are. In addition to our existing comprehensive range, we also develop new solutions continuously, encompassing technical innovations right from the start.

Proven efficiency

The steel industry is subject to a particularly high number of safety and environmental regulations. Additionally, the public expects you to reduce your energy consumption and emissions. We support you with standardised methods to prove your increased energy efficiency with our speciality lubricants. We are the only lubricant manufacturer to date to be certified according to the "International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and the regulations of the "Efficiency Valuation Organization" (EVO).


Klüber lubrication India - Steel Industry Manufacturers and operators require their machinery to run reliably and efficiently for the longest possible service life. Selection of the most appropriate lubrication solution offers a huge potential to maximise energy gain with minimum spare part and labour usage while increasing productivity. In addition to our high-quality lubricants, our toolbox KlüberEfficiencySupport enables versatile added value solutions for companies from various industries.


Your benefits at a glance:

- Higher plant availability and longer service life of lubricated parts

- Lower lubricant consumption and neater workplace

- Improved plant efficiency for higher profits

- Certified proof of energy savings with our lubricants

  • In order to help the steel industry to achieve its goals,

    Klüber Lubrication has for decades been providing

    many diverse solutions tailored to the industry’s

    extreme requirements.

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