Lubrication excellence for the oil & gas industry

The oil & gas industry of today has innumerable obstacles to overcome, from extreme underwater pressures to hostile weather conditions. Whether in drilling, production or subsea equipment, components must withstand harsh conditions and work effectively to improve reliability and efficiency while reducing downtime and energy consumption. Specially formulated to meet the demands of the oil & gas industry, products from Klüber Lubrication help operators extend maintenance intervals, increase equipment availability and achieve optimum results. On both offshore and onshore rigs, equipment is exposed to harsh environmental influences and demanding conditions. They have to resist high pressures, wide temperature ranges, aggressive media and long operating hours.

Achieve the longest packing life possible with Klüberfluid FI 18-2200 US

Benefits for your application: 

  • Very high oil-to-thickener ratio
  • Adhesive to metal surfaces and elastomers
  • Media resistant
  • Helps maintain lubricating film through oil retention by the thickener
  • Easily pumpable and flowable; doesn’t clog lubricant distribution lines or collect in the catch pan 
  • Off-white in color, much cleaner than competitors products


Maximizing fluid end packing life

The oil and gas industry relies on expensive equipment operating at top performance under often harsh and demanding conditions. Stimulation pumps are no different. It’s essential that these pumps are appropriately maintained – which includes lubrication.

“Combining knowledge with consistent maintenance and equipment inspections can help you avoid issues before they impact your equipment and operations,” says Kuba Bednarz, Market Manager, Process Industry for Klüber Lubrication.

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Maximizing fluid end packing life

Paving the way to a sustainable future with biodegradable lubricants

Most oil & gas operators are looking for sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impact and harm to the planet. Our readily biodegradable lubricants manufactured from renewable raw materials are non-toxic and help you comply with stringent regulations such as OSPAR. With high hydrolysis stability, they can withstand the harshest environmental conditions: salt water, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. This leads to low lubricant consumption, less downtime due to maintenance and repair, and long component life. Our brochure shows the specialty lubricants designed as biodegradable to reduce harm in case of accidental discharge.

Modern solutions for Oil & Gas

At a glance: specialty lubricants for the oil & gas industry

  • Oil and gas production equipment is subject to harsh environmental stresses.
  • Investment in specialty lubricants can reduce downtime, extend maintenance intervals, and increase safety, reliability, and equipment availability.
  • Our expert consulting offers you measurable added value.
  • As part of our Total Productive Management strategy, our predictive maintenance saves money in the long term and optimally reduces Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Our specialty lubricants, gear oils and greases can help you optimise your energy consumption, reduce your CO2 emissions, and attain your sustainability goals.

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