Maximizing fluid end packing life

The oil and gas industry relies on expensive equipment operating at top performance under often harsh and demanding conditions. Stimulation pumps are no different. It’s essential that these pumps are appropriately maintained – which includes lubrication.

“Combining knowledge with consistent maintenance and equipment inspections can help you avoid issues before they impact your equipment and operations,” says Kuba Bednarz, Market Manager, Process Industry for Klüber Lubrication.

Inadequate or lack of lubrication can cause increased heat and friction and then damage, premature wear, or packing failure. Klüber Lubrication has a cutting-edge lubricant solution to help you protect your packing.

“A quality lubricant provides proper life to packing, which means more pumping time and less money spent on consumables and labor,” says Bednarz. “Klüber Lubrication is leading the way to develop hybrid greases, which flow easier than standard grease while providing cooling and lubricating properties of an oil. The result is a lubricant that is formulated to outperform the competition.”

Uptime is the most important factor in your pumping operations. That is why Klüber’s hybrid greases are formulated to help keep your fluid end packing cool and sealed off for the longest packing life possible. Klüber’s hybrid grease lubricants reduce downtime and give you the ability to pump longer, uninterrupted hours.

  • These lubricants flow like an oil, while maintaining your consumption levels.
  • Refilling reservoirs on your trailers is quick.
  • The flowable nature of the grease minimizes the risk of lubrication lines getting clogged.
  • Have good visibility in your reservoir due to its white color.
  • It drains well out of the catch pans.

To schedule your personal consultation with Klüber Lubrication, contact Kuba Bednarz at or 346-267-3004. Combined with Klüber’s more than 90 years of helping customers to be successful, we can keep you pumping for longer.

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