Specialty lubricants for demanding applications

Whether you’re involved in drilling, fracking or production, we can help you improve your plant efficiency through our optimised lubrication management strategy.

Klüber Lubrication’s various specialty lubricants have been developed to provide excellent performance under toughest conditions in various applications:

  • Valve sealing agents - fracking, Christmas tree valves, gas storage plants, wellhead
  • Fluid-end/ power-end greases - fracking pumps
  • Wire rope lubricants - offshore and onshore drilling rigs, drillships
  • Bearing greases - shale shakers, mud pumps, electric motors
  • Gas compressor oils - FPSOs, gas processing plants, LNG terminals, LNG plants & regasification units   
  • Refrigeration compressor oils
  • Air compressor oils
  • Open gear lubricants - offshore cranes, jack-up rigs
  • Single-point mooring systems, turrets - FPSO, FLNG
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Turbine oils
  • High-temperature anti-seize compounds - aeroderivative turbines
  • Electric submersible pump (ESP) oils
  • High-temperature greases - dampers, downhole tools
  • Wireline greases
  • Iron roughnecks
  • Swivel joint greases - marine loading arms for LNG
  • Maintenance lubricants - varnish removal and descalers

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