Sustainability and responsibility for the environment

Our commitment to the enviroment and sustainability in the industry At Klüber Lubrication environmental protection and powerful operations go hand in hand.

Our sustainability concept for increasing the efficiency of energy and resources

We take our entrepreneurial responsibility seriously and support environmental protection and sustainability in many ways – with our speciality lubricants and customer-oriented services as well as measures enhancing sustainable internal value creation.

To enhance sustainability in the industry, we at Klüber Lubrication take a holistic approach, which is based on the sustainability strategy of our parent company Freudenberg and includes the entire value-added chain. To this end, two aspects are essential, which determine our actions and operations:

1. Footprint

By footprint we mean the approach we take in order to constantly improve or reduce our usage of energy and resources. We do this mainly through the selection and efficient use of suitable raw materials – including renewable ones – for our products and through the reduction of energy and resource consumption in our  own value-added chain. Projects improving our own energy balance can be found here.

2. Handprint

By handprint we mean the actions we take to support a sustainable value creation for our customers. It aims at helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals by providing our solutions and services.

To improve our Footprint and Handprint throughout the life cycle of our products we use our sustainability scorecard for product development.

3. Sustainability scorecard

To improve the footprint and handprint along the life cycle of our products, we use our sustainability scorecard in product development.


Goals for sustainable development in sight: Acting responsibly for the sake of humans and nature

In line with our holistic approach, we always strive to sustainably improve our own footprint as well as the handprint of our customers. Our actions are also guided by the UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).

With our commitment to the UNSDG and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact of which we are a member via our parent company Freudenberg, we take account of the responsibility we bear for future generations.

For comprehensive information on our commitment to sustainability please go to Sustainability Report of Klüber Lubrication.

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