Sustainability Scorecard

Efficiency and resource conservation along the value-added chain

The challenges entailed by a sustainable company management and orientation are a motivation for us to create highly engineered innovative processes and solutions for the future.

Speciality lubricants based on mineral oils or natural oils normally are no mere expendable materials. They are in fact key components which enable dynamic machines, installations or other components to operate. The design, development or modification of our lubricants and services always includes a comprehensive analysis of all relevant operative processes  in terms of their sustainability. Our entire value-added chain is taken into account.

Our sustainability scorecard for innovations is an important step in this process. It considers the life cycle of a product and the intended product features. It assesses our entire value-added chain with regard to:

  1. raw materials and additives
  2. processing and production
  3. packaging
  4. transport
  5. benefit for the customer
  6. waste management

Our footprint and the customer benefit are correlated. If the ratio is inadequate, the product development is normally not pursued.