Improves the sustainability balance of our customers

Promote sustainability - ensure opportunities for future generations: more than ever sustainability in the industry is a challenge to companies.

The major challenge is to ensure efficiency and performance and at the same time deal with the environment and resources in a responsible way. For us , these aspects are not mutually exclusive, but can often be realised jointly.

Our speciality lubricants are the result of intense research and development activities performed to comply with the requirements of the future: As highly engineered and innovative solutions of increased efficiency  they exactly match the requirements of our customers.

Our specialty lubricants generate positive effects, as they

  1. reduce frictional resistance
  2. reduce emissions
  3. save natural resources
  4. show improved environmental compatibility
  5. minimise  costs for disposal and recycling
  6. extend the service life of machines
  7. reduce operating costs

With our know-how we provide global support to customers from approx. 20 industries and market segments including, for example, the automotive, cement and food-processing industries. We provide our customers with comprehensive service and advice and always keep an eye on environmental aspects, security of supply and resource conservation.

The following examples show how our products achieve success in terms of sustainability:

Wind power industry

Speciality lubricants extend the service life of wind turbines, thus reducing the wind energy production costs significantly and improving our customer's competitiveness vis-à-vis other energy resources.

Cement industry

By using one of our speciality lubricants, our customer InterCement in Brazil succeeded in substantially reducing resource consumption and at the same time increasing the service life of his machines.

Hydro Lubricants

Our lubricants using watrer as a functional constituent show extremely low friction coefficients and improve workplace safety at the same time.