Klübersynth JL 44-302

Code article: 004340 Special grease for ball joints in chassis applications

As a manufacturer of modern motor vehicles, a good driving experience is of particular importance for you and especially your customers. To transfer steering movements to the road with utmost precision, you need ball joints with a minimal friction coefficient while being compatible with the materials used.

Klübersynth JL 44-302 supports you in this respect by offering good mechanical characteristics and well-balanced material compatibility. Due to the balanced additivation, long-term lubrication is possible, enhancing the longevity of the component.

Klübersynth JL 44-302

Avantages pour votre application

  • Comfortable handling and precise steering movements are made possible by optimised friction values

  • Good material compatibility as no aggressive additives are used, while maintaining maximum performance

  • Possible lifetime lubrication saves more than just costs, but also conserves resources

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