Klüberplex BE 91-502

Code article: 017194 Water-resistant bearing grease for the heavy industry

Having highly loaded rolling bearings in your equipment that work in severe environments with massive water presence and in a wide range of temperatures, would you as a maintenance engineer, operator or OEM like to increase the reliability of your processes?

If so, Klüberplex BE 91-502 offers you a tailor-made solution. Klüberplex BE 91-502 is based on a selection of mineral oils and calcium sulfonate thickener. It covers a wide range of application temperatures and presents high adhesion to metals, with remarkable resistance to water, hot water and steam. Its good sealing properties, high resistance to wash-out and excellent mechanical stability enable it to reduce consumption compared to many other commercially available greases.

Klüberplex BE 91-502 stands out for its high load-carrying capacity and effective wear protection, is neutral towards various materials of plain bearings, rolling bearings, and toothed couplings. It shows excellent performance under high dynamic load conditions, even at low rotational speeds. This combination of versatile advantages makes Klüberplex BE 91-502 an obvious choice for use in the heavy industry.

Klüberplex BE 91-502

Avantages pour votre application

  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs due to

    • excellent protection to wear and corrosion

    • longer maintenance intervals and reduced equipment downtime

  • Long relubrication intervals and reduced lubricant consumption due to

    • excellent water resistance

    • good sealing capacity

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