Klüberbio MW 0-100

Code article: 009086 Eco-compatible Hydro Lubricant* for hydropower plants

As an operator of hydropower plants you are regularly confronted with technical challenges involved in maintaining and upgrading your systems, with economic requirements in terms of operating costs and energy prices as well as with environmental protection requirements.

To provide you with optimum support for sustainable energy generation, we developed Klüberbio MW 0-100 especially for the requirements of hydropower plants.

The focus was on the oil-free operation of, for example, Kaplan turbines so as to prevent the contamination of water.

With Klüberbio MW 0-100, a product from our Hydro Lubricants* series, even older facilities can be changed over from conventional oil lubrication to oil-free lubrication.

The product's biological degradability (according to standard OECD 301 B) in combination with water as a functional component of the formulation, and its consequent miscibility with water, reduces the impact on the environment even in the event of incidental leakage.

Klüberbio MW 0-100

Avantages pour votre application

  • Water protected against contamination due to oil-free composition and biological degradability

  • Extended component life enabled by

    • excellent wear and corrosion protection

    • good compatibility with sealing elastomers such as NBR and FKM

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