Klüberlectric KR 44-402

Número do artigo: 091021 Wide service temperature range Good corrosion protection of copper and silver contacts Ageing and oxidation stability Good compatibility with plastics Damping effect Contains a UV indicator

Klüberlectric KR 44-402 is a special grease for the lubrication of electrical switches, contacts and sensors. It consists of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil and lithium complex soap incorporating a UV indicator for quality inspection when locally applied in small quantities. A special additive combination makes Klüberlectric KR 44-402 particularly suitable for the lubrication of electrical contacts. It is intended especially for the protection and lubrication of copper, tin and silver surfaces against corrosion. Further positive effects are: reduction of plug-in and switching forces, reduction of fretting corrosion, extended connecting and switching cycles, constantly low contact resistance and smoother switching transitions.

Klüberlectric KR 44-402

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Special grease for the lubrication of electrical switches, contacts and sensors

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