Número do artigo: 004189 Synthetic long-term grease

ISOFLEX TOPAS NCA 5051 is a beige-coloured synthetic long-term grease which is homogenous and short-fibred. It consists of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil and a special calcium soap.

ISOFLEX TOPAS NCA 5051 has a wide temperature range, is resistant to ageing and provides special corrosion protection. Its well-balanced texture and consistency ensures low and steady starting and running torques of the greased machine elements.

ISOFLEX TOPAS NCA 5051 protects the friction points sufficiently from corrosion and is also suitable for plastic/steel and plastic/plastic material combinations.


Benefícios para sua aplicação

  • Synthetic long-term grease with a wide temperature range

  • Especially low starting and running torque

  • Lubricant film spreads particularly well

  • Good protection against wear

  • Good anticorrosion properties

  • Resistant to ageing

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