Número do artigo: 090229 Special grease for elastomer seals

Do you need to attain low friction coefficients in elastomer/metal or plastic/plastic friction points over a long time and across a wide temperature range? BARRIERTA L 25 DL DISPERS can help you keep friction low in numerous applications, especially when lubricating seals in train doors. This enables constant door actuation forces over a wide temperature range, ensuring reliable door function.

Are your seals hard to access and does their lubrication therefore take a lot of time? If so, BARRIERTA L 25 DL DISPERS might be just the right lubricant for you.

BARRIERTA L 25 DL DISPERS has been specially developed for lubricating seals, for example on train doors. It is a variant of the lubricant BARRIERTA L 25 DL designed to provide added ease of application. Otherwise, it offers all the benefits of the product which has been used worldwide for many years.

Due to the solvent contained, BARRIERTA L 25 DL DISPERS is less viscous and its consistency softer. This makes application easier, saves time and helps reduce lubricant film thickness by approx. 50 %. This enables considerable cost savings.


Benefícios para sua aplicação

  • Low friction forces in plastic/plastic and elastomer/metal combinations

  • Good water resistance prevents washout by rain

  • Good compatibility with elastomers, especially EPDM or silicone elastomers, and plastics

  • Reduces ageing of elastomers exposed to sunlight

  • Easy to apply

  • Lubricant film thickness up to 50 % less than with BARRIERTA L 25 DL

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