Our commitment to the environment and sustainability in the industry

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability in the industry

Klüber Lubrication practices a culture characterised by a pioneering spirit and smart solutions that not only consider the technical aspects of our activities but also the resulting long-term effects on people, society and the ecosystems of our planet. The objectives of our strategy are to conserve resources and to develop innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their own goals. Sustainability is part of our corporate culture and extends to the economics and social environment and the entire value stream.

Handprint and footprint

Sustainable business activities depend to a large extent on innovation and efforts for continuous improvement, and this includes, amongst others conserving production processes, product and user safety and environmental compatibility. This concerns our "footprint", which refers to the effects on the environment and resource conservation of the purchasing and processing of materials and the delivery of our products. However, even more important are the positive effects that can be achieved by customers through the use of our products, which we refer to as our "handprint". The key aspects of the approach is to minimise its footprint and maximise its handprint.

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