Sustainability and responsibility for the environment

Responsible behaviour towards humanity and nature

We recognise sustainability to be a goal for our company as a whole. Many different factors form the basis of our quest for continuous improvement.

Our approach is to consider the entire life cycle of our products – from the supplier to the customer, from the raw material to used lubricant disposal. Our raw materials are selected following a rigid set of criteria.

We provide comprehensive and fair consultation to our customers – with regard to environmental aspects, the ability to supply and economy of resources.

Our responsible provision in terms of quality, environmental protection and safety are the basis of trusting, long-term cooperation with customers, employees, suppliers and the public.

We take the challenges of sustainable business management and orientation as motivation to develop creative, technically sound and innovative processes and solutions for the future.

Our goals include reducing the strain on natural resources, emissions and energy consumption, more use of renewable energy sources, raw materials and a better eco-compatibility of our internal processes as well as our products in use by the customer. Many of our products offered today can already help to cut operating costs, prevent or reduce the generation of waste, save energy and reduce the need for disposal and reprocessing.

These are issues we will pursue even more in the future – both to satisfy our responsibility towards society, and to help our customers in attaining their own ambitious goals in this field.