Lubrication solutions for compressors

Lubrication solutions for compressors

Lubricating Oils for Air Compressors

Whether you are compressing ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) for keeping food cool or adding carbon dioxide to your beverages or even compressing air for blowing beverage bottles, compressors are key elements for food production and cold storage.

How can lubricants influence your operating costs or reduce your energy consumption? You can optimise the performance of your compressors with lubricants from Klüber Lubrication. 


Energy saving
Energy is a major factor in air compressor operating costs. Synthetic lubricants offer a significant economic advantage by improving thermal and mechanical efficiency. They exhibit lower coefficients of friction, high thermal stability and superior heat-transfer ability. These inherent properties reduce friction and result in reduced power consumption and lower operating temperatures for your compressor.

Field studies have also documented that a 3% to 5% efficiency improvement can be expected from synthetic lubricants. When multiplied over the lifetime of your compressor, this can mean energy savings that will significantly reduce your energy costs.

Specialty lubricants for air compressors in the food-processing industry:

Klüber Summit FG series
Klüber Summit FG series lubricants are designed for the lubrication of rotary screw, vane and reciprocating piston compressors used in the food-processing industry. The synthetic base-fluid is blended with a special additive package providing extended lubricant life and protecting against wear, rust and corrosion. Oil change intervals up to 5,000 operating hours1 can be achieved, extending the normal lifetime achieved with conventional medical white oils 4 to 5 times.

Less oxidation residues
Klüber Summit FG series products reduce oxidation residues in pistons and valves for an extended compressor lifetime.

-  Reduces residues formation
-  Reduces sludge build-up
-  Longer oil change intervals and service life

Lower oil vapour content in compressed air
Klüber Lubrication products have a lower oil vapour content in the compressed air for less oil consumption, better efficiency and longer lifetime. Downstream refinery requires less maintenance due to reduced residual oil content in the compressed air, with filter lifetime increasing as a result.

1: The indicated oil change intervals are guide values which are based on practical experience. They depend on the intended use, the application method and the technical condition of the compressor. Lubricants change their condition depending on the mechano-dynamical loads, pressures and temperatures and the mixture with oil residues or buildups of the previous oils fills. Such changes in product properties may have an effect on the oil change intervals and the function of components.

Klüber Summit Varnasolv - Air Compressor Varnish Cleaner

When switching from mineral oil to a synthetic Klüber Summit food-grade oil, the air compressor may contain oxidation residues that could affect the service life of the fresh Klüber Summit food-grade oil. The compressor should be cleaned using Klüber Summit Varnasolv conditioner.

Klüber Summit Varnasolv is a concentrated conditioner fluid designed to dissolve sticky residues, varnish and carbon build-up during operating and keep them suspended in the oil.  The compressor unit does not have to be dismantled for cleaning purpose. Cleaning the compressor increases its efficiency.

The field test shows that power consumption decreased by 5% on average when using Klüber Summit Varnasolv. 

Lubricating Oils for Refrigeration Compressors

The right selection of high-quality lubricants is essential key element for the smooth running of your refrigerating compressors. Refrigeration compressors are responsible for most of the energy consumption in some food production facilities. The use of high-performance compressor oils from Klüber Lubrication allows you to reduce your energy costs and increase the general reliability of your plant.

Manufactured with much less sulphur content, they produce a smaller gas reaction (e.g. ammonia), cleaner filters and coalescers, and also greater heat transfer efficiency with low oil carryover. 

Klüber Summit RHT 68

Klüber Summit RHT 68 primarily focuses on ammonia, but can also be used with other refrigerants, for example R 22. It is a hydrotreated API group II oil, which means this product is very inert and will not react with ammonia. A very low content of sulphur results in no formation of sludge or varnish.

Less evaporation loss = less oil consumption
50% less oil carryover when compared to conventional naphthenic oil

Less change in viscosity = less residue formation = longer oil lifetime
Practical experience shows that oil filters in ammonia installations working with RHT 68 series can last up to 10,000 hours

Benefits of our oils

Extended oil lifetime Lower tendency to form residues, less change in viscosity and high thermal stability.
Less volatile fractions Lower evaporation loss and less change in viscosity results in extended oil change intervals. Due to its high chemical stability, chain molecules are preserved.
High efficiency/reduced lubricant consumption High chemical stability, combined with high purity leads to less gas reactions. Less residue formed, lower oil carryover, leading to lower oil consumption. 
Longer filter lifetime High purity of lubricants allow sustainable operation without residue formation.
Reduction of spare part costs

Reduced spare part costs in maintenance due to extended oil change intervals.

Successful Case Study

One of the largest processed frozen food manufacturers in Malaysia experienced a reduction in oil consumption as a result of an extended oil change intervals and longer life of spare parts after switching to Klüber Summit RHT 68. They also saw a significant reduction in energy consumption since using our product. 

Want to find out more about their challenges before switching to Klüber Summit RHT 68?

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