Specialty lubricants for the food-processing industry

More than food safety

More than food safety

Lubricants for the food-processing industry are subject to a multitude of requirements: they have to comply with food regulations, be physiologically inert, neutral in taste and odour and internationally approved. They also have to reduce friction and wear, protect against corrosion, dissipate heat and have a sealing effect. 


Food-processing manufacturers face many challenges. One of the challenges is to avoid contamination of food products during manufacturing and meeting food safety requirements. In addition they need to maintain machine efficiency and productivity without sacrificing the performance of the machine. Therefore, we strongly recommend using NSF H1 lubricants in the food-processing plant.

H1 lubricants for best results

As the global lubrication specialist for the food-processing industries, we offer you a broad range of high-performance specialty lubricants with NSF H1 registration and certification according to ISO 21469 for all lubrication points in your plant. We have more than 100 different lubricants with halal and kosher certification that are H1-registered, enabling Klüber Lubrication to support compliance with these requirements across the complete production line.

Selecting the right lubricant is crucial when it comes to improving reliability and the service life of parts and components. The investment in high-quality lubricants pays off by reducing maintenance and operating costs in the long run.

ISO 21469 - Certified hygiene for the entire process

ISO 21469 standard defines hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture and use of H1 lubricants that could have unintentional product contact. Using ISO 21469 certified lubricants can help manufacturers reduce their risk of contamination. ISO 21469 ensures lubricant ingredients are safe in the event of incidental food contact. The ISO 21469 certification process also reviews the level of quality control applied to the formulation, manufacturing, distribution and storage of the lubricant to ensure it complies with the highest standards of hygiene.
Klüber Lubrication was amongst the first few companies that were able to comply with the stringent requirements of this standard and has more certified production plants than any other. Not only our products but the entire manufacturing process of our H1 lubricants is certified with ISO 21469. This ensures complete protection against contamination during lubricant manufacturing.

Your partner against contamination

Food contamination by undesired substances such as MOSH MOAH is one of the biggest challenges for food manufacturers. Klüber Lubrication presents a multi-facet approach to minimise the risk of contamination and to achieve better results in the production process.


KlüberEfficiencySupport - your success from one tool box

Manufacturers and operators require their machinery to run reliably and efficiently for the longest possible service life. Selection of the most appropriate lubrication solution offers a huge potential to maximise energy gain with minimum spare part and labour usage while increasing productivity. In addition to our high-quality lubricants, our tool box KlüberEfficiencySupport enables versatile added value solutions for companies from various industries.

Our consulting and other services are put together under the umbrella of KlüberEfficiencySupport.


Our commitment to the environment and sustainability in the industry

At Klüber Lubrication environmental protection and powerful operations go hand in hand. We take our entrepreneurial responsibility seriously and support environmental protection and sustainability in many ways – with our specialty lubricants and customer-oriented services as well as measures to enhance  sustainable internal value creation.

In line with our holistic approach, we always strive to sustainably improve our own footprint as well as the handprint of our customers.

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