The next generation wheel bearing grease

The race for cost efficiency is tough. With the next generation of our special lubricant for your wheel bearing, you will be a step ahead. Bet on the future today. We are pleased to present the new product to you in person - in the live webinar "The next generation wheel bearing grease".

What you can expect?

The new wheel bearing grease - certified and available worldwide.

Wheel bearings of freight wagons place high demands on the lubricant used. The lubricity must be reliably ensured over a wide temperature range, as well as at variable speeds and vibrations and also for extended standstill phases and longer periods of use. In addition, the use of a non-certified lubricant can have considerable consequences should an accident occur. 

Get to know our new fully synthetic wheel bearing grease. Certified according to DIN EN 12081 and DIN EN 12082 and available worldwide!

During this webinar, our experts will explain how Klüber Lubrication can significantly increase your maintenance intervals on wheelset bearings.

Thanks to the new, innovative product concept, that has already been tried and tested for many years, total costs can be significantly reduced. Set the course for the future of rail cargo transport with us.

Take the opportunity to ask your questions in the Q&A session and exchange ideas with our experts.

The next generation wheel bearing grease - learn more in our live webinar on October, 6th

  • Learn more about the next generation of fully synthetic wheel bearing grease, certified according to DIN EN 12081 and DIN EN 12082:

    Klübersynth BHE 46-403. Increased service life, worldwide availability, energy efficient

    Sounds interessting? Join our live webinar on October, 6th (02:00 PM - 03:00 PM). Get to know our unique product concept and ask your questions directly to our experts in our one-hour webinar.

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Our expert

Harald Klein 
Key Account Manager Rail
Klüber Lubrication

Photo: Harald Klein

Technical requirements

You can participate in our webinar from anywhere and there are no costs to join. You need an internet connection and can dial in via the link sent in advance via e-mail. The webinar will be organised via Microsoft Teams. You will be able to watch the event in Teams—desktop (Windows or Mac), web, or mobile. If you don't have Teams, you can also use a browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge).

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