InnoTrans 2022: higher train availability, lower maintenance costs

As an industry partner, we are constantly developing new, specialty lubricants optimised for railway technology in close conjunction with railway manufacturers, maintenance specialists and railway operators. And that also pays off for you because it allows you to reduce your maintenance costs and increase the reliability of your railway operations. We will show you how you can benefit from our innovative products and services at InnoTrans 2022.

InnoTrans 2022 – we look forward to seeing you

This year’s InnoTrans is being held from 20 to 23 September and is not just the world's leading trade fair for transport technology, but also the hotspot for innovations involving technology and infrastructure in the railway industry.

And this is precisely where our specialty lubricants play a key role. After all, they reduce your maintenance costs and extend the life of parts in gears, doors, switch and many other components, thereby increasing the availability of your trains.

In other words, with the right lubricant, you can combine high component reliability with extended maintenance intervals and reduce life cycle costs.

Our experts will explain to you in detail how you can benefit from it all in hall 21a, stand 440. Visit our stand and win your race for cost efficiency.

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Lower maintenance costs, higher reliability – find out how in the interview

Whether doors, gears, wheel bearings or switches – thanks to the extended maintenance intervals, our lubricants help to cut maintenance costs, increase the availability of trains and keep railway operations running. With an eye on the bigger picture, we take care of the details.

Cannot wait for the start of InnoTrans 2022? Would you like to gain an initial impression from our experts beforehand? No problem! Read the interview with our specialist Thomas Kamprath and find out how to put the brakes on cost drivers for servicing and maintenance.

„Solving customer problems means figuring out in detail what is required from the application.“ (Thomas Kamprath)

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Our specialty lubricants for train doors – the revolution in door seal lubrication

Door reliability is one of the key factors in train operations. Especially when there is an interaction between people and technology, a positive user experience is important. Non-functional doors significantly affect the perception of the railway system.

Support is provided by our portfolio of high-quality and seal-compatible lubricants, which are approved and recommended by all notable door manufacturers. They reduce the friction between the door seals and the carriage body, ensuring smooth, silent, and low-wear operation. With the further developed version BARRIERTA L 25 DL SPRAY, we have now made our proven BARRIERTA L 25 DL even more efficient and user-friendly.



Significantly faster application and lower lube film thicknesses not only reduce working time and material consumption, but also lead to cost savings.

Find out more about BARRIERTA L 25 DL SPRAY

Video: optimal door lubrication with BARRIERTA L 25 DL Spray

Our lubricant for wheel bearings – fully synthetic, certified and available worldwide

Freight wagon wheel bearings place high demands on the lubricant used. The lubricity must be reliably guaranteed over a wide temperature range and at variable speeds and vibration rates. What's more, it needs to provide reliable performance over longer downtimes and extended periods of use.

The next generation wheel bearing grease - an innovative lubricant concept reduces frictional resistance and thus contributes to increased energy efficiency.

Our new lubricant for wheel bearings features the innovative combination of different base oils and the additives tailored precisely to them – certified according to DIN EN 12081 and DIN EN 12082 and available worldwide. Furthermore, thanks to a completely new product concept, it extends the lubrication intervals as well as the life of the bearings. In a bench test, Klübersynth BHE 46-403 achieved so far a kilometre reading of more than 800,000 km.

Further tests and simulations show the potential for lubrication intervals of more than 1.5 million kilometres or 20 years. This enables you to cut your maintenance costs and increase the availability of your vehicles.

Find out more about Klübersynth BHE 46-403

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Our lubricants for switch locks – the heart of the rails

Low-maintenance roller switches are being used more frequently as a replacement for conventional switches and only need to be lubricated very rarely or sometimes not at all. Yet one item remains on the maintenance list: the switch locks. But even with roller switches, they still need to be lubricated.

We have developed our new switch spray, Klüberrail AL 32-2000 Spray, especially for switch locks, but also for switch slide plates. It can be used for roller switches as well as for conventional switches. Klüberrail AL 32-2000 Spray is the first approved spray product and can be easily carried by all service teams due to its transport-friendly packaging. This ensures reliable operation and availability of the switches under all weather conditions such as heavy rain, heat or snow.

Find out more about Klüberrail AL 32-2000 Spray


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Our lubricants for gears – significantly longer oil change intervals

Reliably withstand speed, vibrations or varying temperatures? With our high-performance gear oils Klübersynth GE 4 75 W 90 and                            Klübersynth LEG 4 75 W 90 you can significantly extend the oil change intervals – in many cases there is the potential to double them. They therefore have a considerable impact on reducing costs.

Our high-performance gear oils – approved by leading gear manufacturers in the railway industry and composed of 100 per cent fully synthetic base oils – feature high oxidation stability and shear stability.

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Sustainability in the railway industry – we make sure the environment is also a winner

We have been working for many decades towards a sustainable future. With our climate action program, we have been increasing our energy efficiency, using green energy at our sites and working hard to reduce climate-relevant gases. In 2022 we even become climate-neutral for our operations (scope 1+2). Our customers are key for us - also in sustainability: We support companies all over the world in different industries to achieve their own sustainability goals - with innovative products and cutomer-oriented services. 

Watch the new sustainability video to see what our dedication to a greener future looks like, together with our customers.


Sustainability is also an important issue in the railway industry. When it comes to lubricants, the calculation is simple: the longer the lubrication and oil change intervals, the smaller the amount of lubricant needed. Our high-performance gear oils are often capable of doubling oil change intervals. A longer gear oil change interval not only means lower costs per kilometre travelled, but also less lubricant consumption and thus less carbon emissions. In addition, many of our specialty lubricants biodegrade rapidly, making them particularly environmentally friendly.

A real-world example: By using Klübersynth GE 4 75 W 90, railway operators worldwide save large quantities of lubricant while at the same time improving their carbon footprint: with every litre of this gear oil that is not consumed, carbon emissions can be reduced by around 3 kg. By eliminating emissions during the production of oil and containers as well as during transportation and ultimately disposal, such emissions can be avoided. With a fleet of 50 trains, this produces a saving of 1,600 litres of gear oil and reduces carbon emissions by 4.8 tonnes per year. 

Freudenberg Group – achieving goals together faster

Transporting people and goods requires sustainable propulsion concepts. Benefit from this close interaction not only in the applications themselves, but also through synergies from the Freudenberg Group.

Next Stop: The Future. Transporting people and goods requires sustainable propulsion concepts. Thanks to its technological expertise, unique knowledge of materials and power of innovation, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers high-quality solutions that are innovative and economically efficient. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is setting the course for the future with its components for use in electric mobility.

Together we look forward to seeing you at InnoTrans 2022 - Booth 440 in Hall 21a.

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