Speciality lubricants for processing plants in the mining industry

Tough lubricants for a tough business

Tough lubricants for a tough business

In the mining industry, there is nothing worse than unplanned downtime. Abrasive contamination, extreme temperatures, oscillating movements and extremely high loads are eating away at your equipment day by day. Further enhanced by the latest additive technology, our high-performance synthetic or mineral oil-based products protect your equipment reliably.

With the correct lubricant you can extend the service life of the lubricated components and increase the availability of your machines. Lower lubricant and energy consumption also have a positive effect on your operating costs.

Your benefits at a glance

- Reliable wear protection even under extreme load conditions
- Reduced lubricant consumption and energy costs
- Energy efficiency consulting
- Tailor-made product development in cooperation with leading mining equipment OEMs

Lubricants for crushing equipment
Stationary equipment

The heart of a crusher are the roller bearings, thrust bearings and spider cap brushings. These bearings must cope with varying loads, shock loads, elevated temperatures, high vibrations or even contamination with minerals. Greases with high base oil viscosities and additive packages protect those components from shock loads, high pressure and high vibrations.

Two types of lubricants are used, either oil or grease. High performance oils help clean sealed systems while with greases, there is a “lost lubrication” function that constantly cleans the bearings by purging contamination. The grease acts like a seal and keeps contamination out. It provides good protection against shock load.

Lubricants for process plant equipment
Mobile equipment

Our open gear lubricants – your benefit
The Klüberfluid C-F Ultra series was specially developed for open gears in processing equipment such as horizontal mills or kilns. Products of these series provide excellent wear protection, reduced consumption and transparency for easy inspection of gear tooth flanks.

KlüberEfficiencySupport – our experience for your plant

In the mining sector, every lubrication optimization will impact your margin. We take care of your open drive maintenance and develop individual lubrication maintenance concepts together with you.

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