Speciality lubricants for the pharmaceutical industry

Production according to GMP standards

Production according to GMP standards

The manufacture of pharmaceutical products is subject to particularly strict requirements as it is of crucial importance to avoid contamination. The control of contamination risks is a major issue in the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Risk control therefore includes all auxiliary substances – including lubricants – which may come into contact with the product in applications where this is technically not always avoidable. Klüber Lubrication have therefore developed special lubricants for the pharmaceutical industry which are registered as NSF H1. To make manufacturing processes more reliable, H1 lubricants should be used exclusively. This prevents the risk of lubricants being mixed up, and contamination of the pharmaceutical products with non-H1 lubricants becomes impossible.

In addition, all our production sites manufacturing H1 lubricants and the H1 lubricants manufactured are certified by NSF according to the new international standard ISO 21469. This standard lays down hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture and use of lubricants that could have unintentional contact with the pharmaceutical product.

High-performance H1 lubricants

Speciality lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication help to increase productivity, reliability and economical operation of your machinery. Each of our H1 lubricants was developed with the goal to make it optimally suited for specific application requirements. Characteristics of these speciality lubricants:

- High resistance to ageing and oxidation
- Optimised wear protection
- Good corrosion protection
- Good water resistance for protection against wash-out during cleaning and additional anticorrosive effect
- Good load-carrying capacity

Your benefits at a glance

- Protects reliably against wear
- Extends service life of components
- Longer maintenance intervals
- Reduced unplanned maintenance
- Reduces energy consumption

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