Gas Compressors

Speciality lubricants for process gas compressors

Speciality lubricants for process gas compressors

Have you ever considered what will happen if there is an unexpected downtime of your compressors? It could mean loss of production that could lead to loss of thousands of dollars. 

Each individual compressor in your refinery makes a valuable contribution to your annual production result. Compressors are the most critical and cost-intensive element in your plant and require heightened maintenance attention.

With the right lubricating oil you will not only reduce wear and increase the life of individual components as well as that of your machines as a whole, but it will also boost your operational reliability and hence your profits. 

Klüber Lubrication offers speciality lubricants that ensure a product quality that increases the reliability, availability and production capacity of compressors.

Gas compressor applications

With our vast range of speciality lubricants and backed by our technical experiences, we are able to help you match the right lubricant with the right application. Each gas compressor application has its own unique set of operating parameters and issues. We offer a variety of base stocks to meet the requirements of these various systems. We offer our expertise in each of the following applications.

Rotary screw compressor lubrication

Lubricating oils in rotary screw compressors serve these primary functions:

- lubrication of rotors (70%), bearings, gears and seals (30%)
- sealing of gap between rotor and casing, and in between the rotors
- dissipation of heat generated from compression
- protection against corrosion

A dilution calculation that pays
A lubricant with the right viscosity under all operating conditions that is in line with manufacturer's instructions helps you extend your production capacity. Reduced compressor wear provides the following:

- longer equipment life
- operational and production reliability
- reduced downtime
- higher equipment dependability

Reciprocating compressor lubrication

Reciprocating compressors are critical equipment in a plant but lubricating them properly is a unique challenge. There are often many moving parts, diverse gas streams, high pressures and high temperatures. Unplanned downtime is expensive, which makes getting it right extremely important. Lead times for spare parts and new equipment are often dependent on an overextended supply chain.

Benefits of using synthetic gas compressor lubricants:

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