Lubricating greases for rolling bearings, plain bearings and linear guides

Lubricating greases for rolling bearings, plain bearings and linear guides

In addition to their basic function of enabling machine movements, rolling bearings, plain bearings and linear guides used in the food industry need to perform satisfactorily when under attack from ambient media, such as water, steam or cleaning agents, or when exposed to high or low temperatures.

The selection of the lubricant offering optimum protection depends to a high degree on the loads, speeds and temperatures your rolling bearings have to cope with. Regardless of the different loads, speeds and temperatures, we have the right solution for multiple applications.

Load carrying capacity and speed
Using general load, multi-application grease on high load bearings may lead to under-performance. Hence, whether you are an operator or OEM with general or high load requirements and with different speed requirements, we have the solutions for both types of applications. 

Two speciality greases for multiple applications in your food-processing plant:

1. Klüberfood NH1 11-572
    - For rolling bearings running under high loads
    - Longer maintenance interval due to good load-carrying 
      capacity (4-ball, welding load > 3,500N)

2. Klüberlub NH1 11-222
    - Standard, multiple uses in different applications, thus
      offering lubricant rationalisation possibilities
    - Good water resistance when compared to standard lithium 
      EP2 grease

High-temperature greases

Components operating in hot environments, such as baking and cereal drying processing, cannot afford to fail. Upper service temperatures for bearing greases are defined according to FE-9 test method (DIN 51 821, DIN 51 825), assuring reliable performance of the lubricant within the service range.

PFPE products serve a wider temperature range than other lubricant designs. Depending on the individual product involved, PFPE-based greases can be used at temperatures from -70 ˚C to more than 300 ˚C. One of the particular strong points offered by PFPE lubricants is their use for lubricating friction points operating under high thermal loads. In contrast to conventional greases, they are not subject to oxidation and show less evaporation losses. This enables longer relubrication intervals and, in most cases, even for-life lubrication.

The Barrierta L55 series of greases have been tried and tested in the field for several decades. It is Europe's oldest high-quality brand of high-temperature lubricants based on PFPE. Today the name of BARRIERTA is widely regarded as synonymous with long-term stability and thermal resistance. When used in rolling bearings exposed to thermal stress up to 260 ˚C, it helps attain very long relubrication intervals and a long bearing life. They are preferred in the food industry by OEMs and operators looking for reliability and high performance.

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