Welcome To Klüber Lubrication

Thank you for choosing us as your lubricant supplier

Thank you for choosing us as your lubricant supplier

More Than Just Lubricants

At Klüber Lubrication we don't just look to supply our customers with high performance lubricants, we also also want to support our customers in their drive for autonomous maintenance and to reach World Class Lubrication standards.

What is World Class Lubrication (WCL)

World Class Lubrication is a sequential process that is both robust and flexible. The Klüber Lubrication program can be tailored to the requirements of individual customers and is designed to improve reliability and productivity, whilst reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Our World Class Lubrication program involves reviewing existing practices to identify where processes can be automated, where tasks can be simplified, where training is needed and where compliance with standards and regulations is ensured.


The benefits of effective lubrication

Without specialty lubricants, our highly engineered world would come to a standstill: cars, trains and ships wouldn’t move, machines would breakdown, no water would come out of the tap and even the clocks would stop…it would also be dark and cold because electrical installations, heating systems and energy suppliers are also reliant on lubricants, but not all lubricants are created equal.

By understanding the need for lubrication as well as the requirement to use the right lubricant, in the right quantity at the right time it is possible to improve the reliability and efficiency of your manufacturing processes.

Our World Class Lubrication programme is all about improving operational efficiency. Whether that's through assessment of your current operating procedures, the creation of a lubrication survey, the rationalisation of products, the creation of lubrication charts, training and upskilling of operators and engineers, the optimisation of lubrication technology or the use of Cloud based maintenance management software.

Wherever you choose to start we can support you on your World Class Lubrication journey.


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